Although our agenda is an ambitious one, without our services and interventions domestic violence victims will continue to live in violent situations with no support system or safe haven. Domestic violence (or more appropriately domestic terrorism) impacts women, children, and communities as a whole.

Who we Are

Halcyon Home for Battered Women and Their Children, Inc. is a non-profit, non-denominational, charitable organization whose mission is to provide assistance, aid and comfort through shelter, education and support services to battered women and their children, to include survivors of sexual assault.

Volunteers play an important role in every aspect of the organization as Board members and Victim Advocates.


From the beginning of our program, October 1997, through February 2019, Halcyon Home has provided direct face to face victim services to  2,373 women, and 2,802 children. Additionally, Halcyon Home's Safe House has provided 63,051 shelter bed nights to women and children.  A total of 502 victims have been denied shelter due to lack of space although, referrals were made to shelters in other service areas. The staff has responded to 10,648 crisis calls, 56,874 client services calls, and provided 19,340 victim referrals, along with 1,706 new face to face outreach clients and 515 outreach support groups.   In addition, 50,549 volunteer hours have been donated towards victim services, outreach, support, education, and administration.

Need for the Program

Halcyon Home is currently the only shelter facility in the Southwest section of the State. Halcyon Home for Battered Women, Inc. is based in Thomas County and serves Thomas, Grady, Decatur, Seminole and Mitchell Counties.


The following core victim services are currently provided by Halcyon Home for victims of family violence and sexual assault. All services are provided at no cost to the client.


  • 24 Hour Crisis InterventionInformation/Referrals by Phone

  • Follow-up Contact and ServicesCriminal Justice Support

  • Group TreatmentEmergency Financial Aid

  • Crisis HotlinePersonal Advocacy

  • 24 Hour Safe ShelterVictim Compensation/Assistance Filing

  • Information/Referral in PersonLife Skills and Personal Development Training

  • Household Establishment AssistanceEmergency Legal & Courthouse Advocacy

  • Community Education, Outreach & PreventionSexual Assault Crisis Intervention& Support

  • Daycare (In shelter)

We anticipate the need for additional services as Halcyon Home expands its role in the community and the region. These additional services will be offered as required by our clients.